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Hello, my awesome friends!

It’s very nice to meet you here! Let me present myself… My name is Michelle, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Brazil. I like reading, meditating, listening to music, composing music, biking, swimming, cooking, eating… I love cars and airplanes, beautiful home decor, stationery, makeup and, of course, shoes! But beyond that, I love life! And I love it because I can do anything I want and I can create everything I want. I can be anything and I love who I am becoming!

I have a bachelor in Industrial Chemistry and a Master and Ph.D. in Physics. Years ago, because of some difficulties I was going through, I started to look for ways to improve my intelligence, my problem solving skills, ways how to handle bullying bosses, and so on. I’ve found my first teacher online, Lair Ribeiro. I was blown away by his teachings! I think he has opened my mind for what would come next. One teacher took me to the other and I kept looking for learning more and more. At a certain point, not sure when, improving intelligence didn’t matter anymore, I started realizing that self improvement goes much deeper than that. What happened is that I fell in love with self growth!

Book by book, video by video, my passion grew. I then stepped into the Law of Attraction (LOA). For me, that was “a common sense” because I have heard my mother telling me I should think positively since when I was a kid. Today I know I didn’t completely understand LOA at that time. Between my teachers, I have found Abraham Hicks. But I had to skip her teachings because I couldn’t understand what she was teaching. Much time later, after improving myself in my learning path, I was led to Abraham again. This time, I could understand a little. The more I would study and listen to her teachings, the more I could understand her and the LOA. I fell in LOVE again!! Everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve lived so far has made so much sense! It was as if everything would come down to one single point, the core.

Beyond that, I’ve realized that my scientific concepts acquired from Chemistry and Physics were a perfect match to the LOA! I have been able to apply all the teachings to improve my mind, body and spirit. I have changed so much! I am SO GRATEFUL for all that I’ve learned because now, I am creating an awesome life! And I want to provide you with the means so you can also do that to your life.


Lots of love,




About Self Awesomeness

Self Awesomeness is a creation from the heart! I’ve created it to teach people how to improve themselves the way I’ve done to myself: applying the Law of Attraction (LOA). Therefore, LOA will be the basis for all the content I will be sharing with you here at Self Awesomeness, though I will talk about different subjects. I hope you enjoy your journey at Self Awesomeness and let this be the beginning of a new amazing life for you! Wish you peace and love!

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  • July 6, 2015 at 8:25 am

    Hi Michelle,

    Many times I have caught myself reading articles from Self Awesomeness, before start working in the morning. Somehow it helped me to cheer me up and increase my motivation to work during the working hours in the office. Recently (actually today), I was reading the article about taking the right decisions, when I realized that I knew the author of that article (UEG-Industrial Chemistry undergraduate course), as well of all the other articles. Therefore, I decided to congratulate you for this brilliant idea of creating this website, which has helped me to improve, somehow, the way I see the problems and work on them. I am sure you have helped many people around the world with this awesome initiative to create this website, so again congratulations!

    Camila Braga Vieira

    • Michelle Medeiros
      July 6, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Hi Camila!!! Thank you sooo much for your comment! I could never forget a friend like you! 🙂 We had some awesome time together when were in college… (also when we traveled to Rio!)

      I am thrilled that you’re here and that my articles have also reached and helped old friends. This is a great motivation for me! Whenever you feel in the need of inspiration, motivation or advice, please do contact me and I will be more than happy in helping you.

      Wish you all the best!



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