Recommended Books

Book: MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Author: Tony Robbins

Average price: $14.50

Great book for who wants to get to the next level at their financial life. Tony Robbins is one of my favorites authors and he surprises me once more in this book. It does not only teaches how to make money, but also how to manage money. It has so much value in its content that you will laugh when you remember you spent less than twenty bucks on it. Tony interviewed great financial leaders and comprised all the information into steps that uneducated people on finances can follow and achieve financial freedom.

Book: Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Author: Esther and Jerry Hicks

Average price: $9.70

This is a must read book! The teachings of Abraham Hicks written here are the basis of Self Awesomeness. I am such a lucky person for having had the opportunity to learn the truth behind the Law of Attraction taught by other gurus. Thanks, Abraham!

Book: I Can Make You Confident: The Power to Go for Anything You Want!

Author: Paul McKenna

Average price: $14.40

This book was critical in my life. I almost didn’t have any confidence before reading this book. The exercises that Paul teaches and the hypnosis CD helped to go from one extreme to the other. A few days after using the CD every night, I built confidence to present a work of mine and I gained a big prize for that presentation! I still use the exercises on a regular basis.

Book: No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline

Author: Brian Tracy

Average price: $10.60

Another great book! I love how Brian Tracy is direct to the point and makes things simple. This is an easy and outstanding read! Everyone who lacks self-discipline to create success should read this book. I have been applying most of his ideas and this have made me much more effective in my daily tasks.

Book: 25 Ways to Win with People: How to Make Others Feel Like a Million Bucks

Author: John Maxwell and Les Parrot

Average price: $14.65

John Maxwell is a big authority in the field of work relationships. I knew that for quite a while, but I only found out why after reading this book. Les Parrot describes how Maxwell build his relationships, so you get clear examples that you can also apply to your life. I learned things that I never thought about doing before.

Book: Your Magic Power to be Rich!

Author: Napoleon Hill

Average price: $15.30

This book is a compilation of 3 Napoleon Hill’s books, including the super famous Think and Grow Rich. After studying several books on self-improvement, I realized that many of them are the “kids” from Think and Grow Rich. I love the insights that the content of this book gives to the first (second,…) time reader! It is much different from what people might think by its title, it’s not about being “greedy”. When I was looking for Think and Grow Rich to buy, I found this compilation and decided to buy it instead. I’m so glad I did it. The other 2 books inside, The Magic Ladder to Success and The Master-Key to Riches, are equally awesome and have many great ideas. Delight yourself with this book!

Book: Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

Author: Tony Robbins

Average price: $10.50

This was the first book by Tony Robbins that I read. Mind blowing! Tony Robbins is one of those people who apply the Law of Attraction without even knowing they are actually doing it. I totally love this book not only because it teaches some of the most important things you will learn in your life, but also because of the high vibration energy Tony infuses in this book. Like I do with Napoleon Hill’s principles, I combine Tony’s principles with the Law of Attraction and apply to my life. If you are a bit skeptical of the Law of Attraction, I would recommend this book specifically to you, as its teachings are highly accepted by most people.

8 thoughts on “Recommended Books

  • April 3, 2015 at 12:03 am

    Hi great recommendations, don’t know where to start, great site and best of luck.

    • Michelle Medeiros
      April 3, 2015 at 1:01 am

      Thanks, Theresa! If you would like a tip, I would suggest you to start by Awaken the Giant Within, if you don’t know much about the Law of Attraction (LOA). However, if you’re interested in more LOA content, start with Ask and It Is Given. Hope you like it!

  • April 3, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Hello, Michelle.

    There are some awesome books here and I have already read 4 of them 🙂 Sometimes when we are in need of a shot of motivation, we can always rely on self development books to help give us that burst of energy and lift us up. Tony Robbins is such an powerful writer and inspirtaional spearker, that he really does hit the spot and give us that boost we need.


    • Michelle Medeiros
      April 3, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      Totally agree with you, Neil! Listening or reading Tony Robbins is indeed a way to boost our energy! Particularly, I also love listening to Abraham Hicks teachings as it totally raises my vibration and makes me feel awesome. Thanks for your comment!

    • Michelle Medeiros
      April 3, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      Thank you, Jeanette! I hope you really enjoy any of these books. They are all mind blowing!

  • April 14, 2015 at 5:23 am

    Great article Michelle I really enjoy the whole site.
    You have done an awesome job!
    There are a few books here I have not read, thanks for the suggestions.
    I am a big fan of Tony Robbins, I also really enjoy Mel Robbins, not related but both are life coaches. You should definitely check her out sometime if you have not already. She has many clips on YouTube and probably most important was her talk at TED.

    I wish you all the success 🙂

    • Michelle Medeiros
      April 14, 2015 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you, Brandon! I have seen some of Mel Robbins videos on youtube and she’s pretty awesome! I love learning from these great teachers… I actually have many other books I would recommend but I prefer to leave only some of them here. I’m planning in updating this page every month with the top books I would recommend at the moment.
      If you happen to read some of the books, it will be great to hear what you thought about it!

      Thank you for your comment and hope to see you back here!


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