How to inspire respect from others

Everyone wants to be respected, but it isn’t always that we inspire respect from others. Based on my experience and knowledge about psychology, I’ve found some small things one can do to get more respect from others anywhere, not only at the workplace.

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Tip #1: how you dress makes a difference

I know it may sound superficial, but the first thing you should do is to put some thought on how you dress. It’s of human nature to judge others in the first few seconds they see someone. You should dress as how you want to be perceived.

In order to be perceived as someone who inspires respect, DRESS LIKE A BOSS! Put that blazer on! You’ll be amazed on how people will see you differently just by adding a blazer to your outfit. Test it. Dress like a boss and go out and ask a stranger for something. You’ll see people being nicer to you.

Tip #2: simply smile!

But don’t be “cocky”. The second tip is to SMILE. Make eye contact with people and smile. You may be surprised by their reactions. Studies have shown that people seen as charismatic smile more than the average people. And, believe me, if people do not yet know you and you smile to them, they’ll think: “I like him/her already!”, subconsciously.

That shuts down their resistance. They won’t see you as a “threat”. And, if you’re dressed like a boss, they’ll think: “He’s important and cares about me!”.

Tip #3: show appreciation

Now, from this point on, if you show people you do really care about them, then you’ve gained their complete respect (until you show otherwise).

So, how do you express you care?

One thing to keep in mind here is:

People don’t want to be impressed, people want to be appreciated.

Be polite, use the words “please” and “thank you”. Be genuinely grateful for someone’s time and/or effort, attention. Be grateful even if what they’re doing is “just their job”. Many times no one cares, and most times bosses don’t care as long as one is doing what he’s suppose to do in his job. So, when someone shows appreciation towards one’s work, maybe it’s something this person always wanted or needed to hear. If that’s the case, and you’re truthful and honest in your appreciation, this person will probably never forget you and surely never forget how you made them feel.

You may also show appreciation by making genuine compliments, by truly paying attention when someone is talking. Make observations that show you were paying attention.

Tip #4: always follow through

These 3 tips above would fit anywhere, specially in cases where you’re interacting with strangers. If it’s someone you have to deal with in a consistent basis another crucial factor to inspire and keep the someone’s respect, is to always follow through with what you say you’re going to do. They’ll feel they can trust you. If people don’t feel you’re trustworthy, they’ll lose respect for you.

Tip #5: don’t discriminate with who you use these tips!

My last tip is for you to be sure to do this with everyone, no exceptions. Treat everyone equally, independent of anything. Sometimes we tend to treat some people better than others, that’s human nature. For example, sometimes we may treat that person who’s dressed as important, smile and appreciate us better than others who don’t. (See how my tips fit here?) Be mindful and be aware so you can catch yourself whenever you’re doing a subconscious judgement and treating people differently.

Do you have any other simple tip that people could use? Please share with us in the comment session below. Also, if you try any of these tips, don’t forget to share with us your experience.

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