How to feel more alive

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Sometimes we are caught up in life. Everything seems the same, everything feels the same. And we feel we’re not actually living. We start asking ourselves when will life get better. I’ve been there too.

Though my life was good and I didn’t have many problems, I felt something was missing. I was doing what I thought it meant living. I would go out with my friends once in a while, I would go out with my boyfriend for dinner and would spend time with him, I would allow myself to shop for unnecessary things when I had the budget, I would spend time with my family when I had free time, … The list goes on. I had a life outside work, and it was kind of a busy life.

However, I was feeling like I wasn’t actually living.

Until one day I had to do something out of my schedule, and since I was practicing awareness, I realized what brings me back the feeling of being alive. And observing other people, I saw that the same thing that makes me feel alive is what those energetic and full of life people do.

It’s simple, and it’s easy. If you want to feel more alive, all you need is to do something different every day. Do something you’re not used to do. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something out of your comfort zone. Just something out of your routine.

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Do something different every day. Something out of your routine.

I was doing the things I thought I needed to do to “have a life”, but I was consistently doing the same thing over and over again. I was going out to the same restaurants, eating the same meals, having the same routine every morning… Even the same routine for every day of the week, for instance, I’d do the same thing every Tuesday (and usually even eat the same food). If any of these sound familiar to you, you gotta mix things up a little to feel more alive.

Take a different road to work. Change the order of the things you do in the morning. Try a new restaurant or a new dish. Or simply the same restaurant but at a different location. Use clothes you’ve never used before. Talk to a stranger. Go for a walk in a different neighborhood.

Be creative! You don’t have to do all of this in one day. The idea is to do one single different thing every day. You could do more, sure. But follow your own flow, do more if you feel like. And the secret is that you will want to do more. You will feel more alive, you will create more energy and flow in your life. Things will start to happen. Whenever something new for you to do comes up, welcome it! It’s an opportunity for you to feel more alive.

Allow yourself more freedom. Feed your imagination. And then, do it!

Now, when you choose to do something new, if you do it for more than 2 days in a short period of time, it shouldn’t be considered new any longer. By the third time, you’ll already be too familiar with that and your brain will start the automatic pilot. You don’t have to stop doing that if you like it, but pick another different thing to do that day.

Once you start doing something different every day, you will then feel more willing to get out of your comfort zone and much more confident and motivated. You will also start to manifest more things in your life, because you’ll create flow. Your job is to simply keep doing something new every single day to keep the flow. That is life!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what brings you life. Share it with us!

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