Create a bit of happiness today

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Lets play a game. Imagine you have a pot. Give your pot a color and a specific shape. See it clearly.

Now, I want you to imagine yourself carrying this pot with you throughout the day. Wherever you go, it goes with you.

This pot is where you will keep all the good things you do during your day. Choose how these good things will look like, their measuring object. For example, they may be little colorful balls, capsules… Whatever. Play with it. I’m choosing the ball as an example. A very beautiful, sparkling white little ball.

So, when you do something positive, big or small, for someone else or for yourself, I want you to put one measuring object inside your pot.

When you hold the door for someone, put one ball inside your pot. When you accomplish something you set yourself to do, put another ball inside the pot. When you genuinely smile to someone and they smile back, put one ball inside the pot. When you finish a project, put one ball inside the pot.

Focus on doing something to other people without expecting nothing in return. Do something for them that they can’t give back, something they’re unable to compensate you. That’s how you will feel fulfilled and that’s how you will build trust with others.

Whatever you think is a “big good thing” and whatever you think is a “small good thing”, make their balls the same size. The balls should represent a good thing, something that gives you a positive feeling, but they should have no judgment of what is big and what is small.

At the end of the day, look inside your pot and see how many good things are in there. You don’t really need to keep the count throughout the day. You will know at the end of the day if your pot is empty, if it has some balls, a lot of balls or if it’s full.

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The game here is to try to make it full by the end of the day.

When going to sleep, put your pot beside your bed. Now, here is where the magic happens. Your little balls take life after you fall asleep. They will go away and make the good somewhere else. Some of them will conspire with the universe to bring good things to you. Some of them may rejoice in your body and make you sleep like an angel.

In the morning, when you wake up, your pot will be empty again. It’s time to start all over with even more joy than before!

The more balls you collect, the more wonderful things will happen to you.

Make this a game you do every single day. Have fun with it. Create a bit happiness for you and someone else today.

Happy playing!

Lots of love,


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