What is fear of success and how to overcome it

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Fear of success. This expression may sound contradictory. However, many of us fear success without even realizing it. Let me ask you a question. Is there something you want to have or want to happen but you feel anxious just by thinking it could actually happen? Is there something you normally think it would be a good thing if it would happen to you, but deep inside you’re afraid if that happens?

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How To Make The Right Decision in Life


Have you ever had to make a tough decision and didn’t know what to choose? Are you in a current situation where you have to make a decision but doesn’t seem to know the right one?

Making the right decision in life might be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Using the technique I share with you here, you will feel much more clarity. Your decisions will lead to more happiness and you will get more results in life.

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What People Don’t Tell You About Success


You may have heard many things about how to get success in life. But people don’t usually tell you the only thing you need to know…

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to be successful and happy, the only thing you need to do is to allow yourself to be YOURSELF.

There is no secret to success!

People aren’t quite right when believing they have to be like “this” person who’s already successful; or that they must have “these” qualities. No! That person is successful not because she’s like that, but because she is herself; and herself is like that. People are different and there are different people who are successful.

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Awesomeness of the Week & How to Prepare for Ph.D. Defense

Prepare for your phd defense
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This week divides my life: before and after it. This week I had my highest achievement ever. This week was a bit tense but awesome at the same time.

I’ve finally got my Ph.D.! 

I would like to share with you a piece of my story and tips to help you to prepare for your Ph.D. defense.

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Awesomeness of the Week & How to Get Good Marks and Grades

The most awesome thing that happened to me this week was something totally unexpected. I got incredibly good marks on a tough exam! I would like to share with you this story and how you can use the same techniques to get your own good marks and grades.

Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

CSI exam
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A few months ago I did an exam for becoming a crime scene investigator (CSI). I decided to try passing this exam more out of curiosity… I always thought that being a CSI was cool and I believe I have the emotional steadiness it takes to perform such kind of work.

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The 5 Hidden Steps To Problem Solving Process

The 5 Hidden Steps To Problem Solving Process

What people usually call as problem solving process isn’t the whole story. Many are unaware of hidden steps that happen behind the scenes. Once you become aware of these steps, you can go through them consciously rather than subconsciously. This way you have much more power over your problem and you can solve it faster and more efficiently.

Now, this is not a step-by-step to follow, this is for you to understand how the problem-solving actually happens. By knowing how it happens and what would take for the universe to deliver the solution to you, you can use this knowledge to solve any problem.

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