How to inspire respect from others

Everyone wants to be respected, but it isn’t always that we inspire respect from others. Based on my experience and knowledge about psychology, I’ve found some small things one can do to get more respect from others anywhere, not only at the workplace.

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Tip #1: how you dress makes a difference

I know it may sound superficial, but the first thing you should do is to put some thought on how you dress. It’s of human nature to judge others in the first few seconds they see someone. You should dress as how you want to be perceived.
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Get negative people out of your life

Get negative people out of your life
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How do you get negative people out of your life? First, you have to take a look at yourself. Have you notice that when you are not feeling very well, you end up encountering people who make you feel even worse? Doesn’t it seem that everybody wants to make you angry when you’re already not much calm? What about when you’re feeling good? Doesn’t it seem that everybody is being so nice to you? Well, that occurs because of the Law of Attraction. You attract people … View Full Post