How to inspire respect from others

Everyone wants to be respected, but it isn’t always that we inspire respect from others. Based on my experience and knowledge about psychology, I’ve found some small things one can do to get more respect from others anywhere, not only at the workplace.

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Tip #1: how you dress makes a difference

I know it may sound superficial, but the first thing you should do is to put some thought on how you dress. It’s of human nature to judge others in the first few seconds they see someone. You should dress as how you want to be perceived.
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The Best Way To Finish Your Day

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I believe we should not only start our day with the right foot but also finish it great. Every day, before going to sleep I ask myself a few questions. These are my evening questions and they allow me to feel awesome at the end of my day, even if it wasn’t that great. Try doing this every evening for one month. I’m sure you will feel better about yourself and your life.

How To Start Building Self-Confidence Today

I used to have a very low self-confidence and the lack of it affect my life in many ways. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there struggling because they don’t trust enough on themselves. It doesn’t have to be this way. Differently from what I used to believe, I found out that I could build my own self-confidence, and I want to share with you how you can start doing the same for yourself today.

Why do you need to build self-confidence?

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See, I used to think that there are some people who are born with self-confidence and others who are not. And I wasn’t between the ones who were graced with it.

I was wrong. Self confidence can certainly be built and developed.

Why should you build self-confidence?

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First youtube video idea: presenting my brand new website

When I decided to create Self Awesomeness, I wrote down what I wanted to achieve and made a plan of the things I need to do to meet my goals. One of the things I thought that could add value to the website content and work as a complementary information was to create a youtube channel. But what kind of video could I produce? Well, my first youtube video idea was … View Full Post

Welcome to Self Awesomeness!

Get out of your shelf
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Hello, my awesome friends! I am so excited to bring Self Awesomeness to you!!! Self Awesomeness is about self growth and self development using the Law of Attraction. Actually, Self Awesomeness was born by applying the same tips I will be teaching you here. I want to share with you information, tools and advice so you can fulfill your dreams and create an amazing life! Stay with me, because the results of applying the Law of Attraction in your life will blow your mind!

Come out of your shell, there is an entire world waiting for you!


Lots of love